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MPEG-H Audio is a Next Generation Audio system that represents the state of the art in audio technology. The overall system has already been standardized and is being deployed. However, more detailed insights are required to ensure comprehensive knowledge of current applications and a reliable basis for future research.

The MPEG-H Audio system excels through its unique personalization features. They enable the creation of fully adjustable dialogue levels, customizable audio description, multiple languages, and even interactive object positioning. As a result, users can tailor their experience to individual preferences and requirements. MPEG-H Audio delivers these unprecedented customization options as well as immersive sound on every kind of playback device – from home theaters to 3D soundbars to mobile devices.

MPEG-H Authoring Suite (MAS)

The MPEG-H Authoring Suite (MAS) is a toolset that showcases how the production of MPEG-H Masters can be adapted and how workflows can be optimized to use the full potential of this new approach to audio creation. The MAS covers the complete production, delivery, and playback chain of the MPEG-H Audio system. The easy-to-use tools let users author, convert, create, monitor, analyze, encode, and play AV- or audio-only content.

MPEG-H Authoring Tool (MHAT)

MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in (MHAPi)

MPEG-H Production Format Player (MPF)

MPEG-H Encoding & Muxing Tool (MHEX)


MPEG-H Info Tool (MHIT)

MPEG-H Conversion Tool (MCO)


The MPEG-H WL-App is an exemplary build of a multimedia player for Android OS that can showcase all features of the MPEG-H Audio format. It enables insights into the audience’s experience through interaction with an MPEG-H Audio mix in real-time during playback.

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